Business Compass has over 15 years of experience in Business Development, Interim Management, Marketing, and Product Management. We use a customer focused approach, with eye for what makes a product to stand out in the market, which segment effectively should be addressed and for customer propositions that are clear and easy to understand.

Examples of the services we provide:

  • Interim support
  • Marketing support
  • Startup mentoring
  • Small Business strategy development

Interim Support

Do you need temporary support on a project or a vacancy? Business Compass provides interim support for marketing, product management, and management.


Marketing Support

In order to increase the effectiveness of marketing activities, clear target setting is a must. For example, response- and churn-rates should be defined up-front and evaluated over time. In order to increase market insight, campaigns can be diversified and results compared. 
Business Compass supports organizations defining clear goals and measurements, identifying customer target groups, defining a clear product positioning against competition and evaluating marketing effectiveness. 

Startup Mentoring

Setting up a new business provides a continuous flow of challenges along the way. Next to product development,  creating brand awareness and finding a sales growth engine, organizational challenges in the field of HR, finance and legal will appear. 
Business Compass provides business mentoring or direct support for startups when needed. 

Small Business Strategy Development

Strategy is about winning. Strategy requires a clear understanding where a company adds value. Small and Medium Businesses can benefit from an agile strategy definition to maintain focus on markets where they can make a difference.
Business Compass supports companies defining practical strategies with clear targets.
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